Praying with Faith 信心的祈禱

Praying With Faith:

Seeking God Together

What do you think of Christ?
“He is altogether lovely.” —Song of Songs 5:16

Who: Those who are interested in Ignatian Prayer

What: Sharing your moments with God in prayers

When: TBD

Where: TBD

1, Pray: the daily “Examen” prayer

2, Pray: 1 hour of praying with scripture each time, twice a week.

3, Review prayer: recording in a Prayer notebook

4, Meeting: with group members

First meeting:
1, Introduction to the methods of Ignatian Prayer: Examen, Meditation, Contemplation.

2, Discussion of the group covenant.

Please email: for further information.

Ignatian Spirituality is about finding God in all things
and celebrating His awesomeness!

Format of Group Meeting


Check-in: How am I coming to this meeting? (briefly, a word or phrase)

Opening Prayer

Listening to God’s word in Scripture


Spiritual Conversation:
Group shares recent life and prayer experiences.

What strikes you, challenges you? What brings you joy and peace?

What brings you sorrow and sadness, or other significant emotions?


How were the prayer methods (praying with scriptures, examen, contemplation) for you? How were the group meetings for you? What did you find helpful?

What ways has the Spirit worked within you in the past few weeks?
What particular grace/new awareness of God’s working can I bring into my prayers in the future?

Closing Prayer


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